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Cascade Design Group Inc invites you to allow us the opportunity to provide structural engineering services for your construction projects.  We strive to provide excellent service with quick and economical solutions to your design needs.
Our goal is to save our customers enough money in construction costs, in comparison to what most engineers would specify on their projects, to cover the design fees. For lateral (wind and seismic) design, we try to limit the number of holdowns. We also do not over-design structures as most engineers tend to do. We have a great deal of sensitivity to the cost of our customers projects.
We take great pride in providing economical solutions to difficult engineering problems that come up in the course of construction, or as a result of failures in previously built projects. Rather than dazzle you with complex solutions, we resolve to impress you with simplicity in the resolution of these issues.

Structural Engineering and Drafting Services at Cascade Design Group
Structural plans and calculations for your building permit, specializing in ICF and wood-framed residential structural engineering design for new, addition and remodeling construction. Drafting services include all-in-one plans, or individual plan(s) per your needs.